Why did Jen Harley blame Jersey Shore? Who is Jen’s boyfriend?

Ronald J. Ortiz-Magro Jr. is a fascinating American actor and is known as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. The mysterious personality of Ronnie has enticed many hearts, we must not forget his role in the jersey shore. His excellent success as a nominee for the above display took him back to the Jersey Shore: a family vacation

Ronnie made her Instagram relationship official with a hot kissing pic, where she wrapped her legs around him. “BearCations,” he wrote. With more detail on his personal life, proceed to read.

Why did Jen Harley blame Jersey Shore?

Ronnie and Jen

“Jersey shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro found love in the younger friend Saffire Matos after his ugly breakup with Jen Harley. On Tuesday, Ronnie officially made Instagram a hot kiss pic during which she wrapped her legs.

When Jersey Shore was released, Ortiz-Magro became a household name ten years ago. Ortiz-Magro began seeing Harley in 2017 after having been in relation to Giancola for the majority of the primary series. Harley, fully conscious of the star status of Ortiz-Magro in fact, learned quickly what that meant in relation with her.

They are on holiday at the Dorado Reef in Puerto Rico, according to his Instagram. After seeing the photo Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie’s castmate, posted, “What’s going on in this single Ronnie?! “Mike Castmate, “Taken Ronnie,” added Sorrentino.

E! Ortiz-Magro reports to a sweetness technician “totally smitten.” A source said, “She’s still not his girlfriend, and they take a while, but still like each other’s lots. To Ron, she is so good.”

Harley unveiled her new connectedness to businessman Justin Hensley on an equivalent day when she posted the latest photo.

Who is Jen’s boyfriend now?

Ronnie and Jen

Just before her 33rd birthday, Jen and Justin were partying in Miami on a cruise. It certainly seems that Ronnie and Jen have moved on. In 2018, the same year they welcomed Ariana, their daughter.

After an alleged altercation against Jen, Ronnie was charged with abuse last year. He entered a plea bargain in the case a few months ago, pleading no dispute to at least one household battery count and one assault count. He’ll give $20,000 in proof to an ALL women’s shelter, complete a 52 weeks violence programme, 36 months’ proving, 30 days of work in the communities. The deal will take place.

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