Who is Andre Braugher married to? How much is his Net Worth?

Andre Keith Braugher’s a US actor. He is best known for his duties on the Homicidal: Life on Street (1993–99) police drama series, Owen Thoreau, a vehicle salesperson from Men of the Certain Age (2009–11), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a police comedy series from 2013. Captain M. Raymond Holt is a detective for a long time.

Quick facts about Andre Braugher

  • His full name is Andre Keith Braugher
  • He was born on July 1, 1962
  • He is 58 years old
  • He is from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  • He is an Actor
  • He is married to Ami Brabson

How did he begin his career?

Andre Braugher

In the 1989 movie Glory as Thomas Searles, Braugher’s first role was a free and trained black man from the North who joined the Union Army’s first black regiment. In the late 1980s, he played Kojak’s sidekick ABC TV film Kojak’s resurgence. He then took over the role of Detector Frank Pembleton in the TV series homicide: street life, a self-righteous, fiery, relentless police detective trained by the Jesuits. Braugher was the star of the season, playing opposite Kyle Secor. He won awards for personal drama achievements in 1997 and 1998 from the Television Critics Association.

Braugher took the title role in the 1996 production of Henry V for which he won an Obie Award in the context of Shakespeare in the Delacorte Theater in New York’s Central Park. In 2000, Ben Gideon played the leading role in the one-season Gideon’s Crossing story.

How is his Personal Life?

Andre Braugher

André Keith Braugher, the youngest of four kids born to the Sally postal worker, was born in Chicago on 1 July 1962.

In 1991, the actress Ami Brabson married Braugher. They have three children, Michael (b. 1992), Isaiah (b. 1997), and John Wesley “JW,” (born 2002). South Orange, New Jersey, lives the family. He is Unitarian Universalists with his family.

How much is his Net Worth?

The net amount by Andre Braugher is approximately $8 million. His net worth has gained from many TV and movie appearances. Thomas Searles in the movie Glory was one of his most notable film roles. He was also good at depicting the fiery detective Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Street, the iconic TV police drama.

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