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Who are the members in 13 Reasons Why? Who is Clay Jensen?

13 Reasons Why to Land On the Netflix Friday 5th June to mark the last time the Liberty High Gang is on our screen. The fourth and final seasons of controversial teenage drama 13

In the latter episode, the group will start to sweat while ex-friend Winston of Monty starts sniffing around high school to discover the truth behind Bryce’s assassination. The trailer released in May is here.

Although the playwright has seen various deaths over the past three series, this doesn’t stop the hallucinations or flashbacks of characters reappearing in the next series, so you can expect to see them here in the final season, 13 Reasons Why.

Dylan Minette as Clay Jensen

13 Reasons Why Cast

From uncovering why Hannah Baker murdered her and Bryce Walker’s horrible crimes to throwing her guns on the ocean and helping to frame Monty’s assassination, Clay’s work has been going on for a long time already since season one.

Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley

13 Reasons Why Cast

In the first season in Hannah Baker’s tapes, popular jock Justin Foley was the first person to speak and has been a heroin addiction ever since, and after finding himself homeless by Clay’s parents.

Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis

The last time we saw Jessica Davis, the student body president, dealt with Bryce’s death as a survivor of a sexual assault.

Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla

After it became revealed last summer that Bryce’s dad had Tony’s dad expelled from Mexico, Tony became suspect in the Bryce assassination. In the fourth season, Tony will probably see him attempt to bring his family back to the US and recover his sister, who he had to send to Arizona for family living.

Miles Hiezer as Alex Standall

Since the release of Hannah Baker’s tapes, Alex’s mental health has deteriorated with his attempted suicide last season at the end of his killing of Bryce.

Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey

Zach, a former boyfriend of Hannah Baker, was ruined after a fight with Bryce, shutting off his knee and playing a part in hiding Alex’s Bryce killing.

Devin Druid Plays Tyler Down

Tyler Down spent three years in a dark place after a brutally assaulted Monty de la Cruz and attempted a school screening, which was stopped by Clay, school photographer (and a former stalker of Hannah Baker).

Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker

13 Reasons Why Cast

While Bryce Walker was killed during the third season of the serial rapist, it would seem in the next series that he will be back to haunt his old friends who disguised his assassination.

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