Where is the Fairytale Forest? What is the History Behind It?

The wooded section of the Efteling amusement park in the Netherlands, “Fairytale Forest,” where several famous fairy and fairy tales are portrayed with animated statues and buildings. These figures mainly inspired the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Charles Perrault.

What is the history behind it?

The wooded section of the Netherlands’ Efteling Amusement Park, the “Fairytale Forest,” featuring animated statues and buildings, features many famous fairy tales. These figures were primarily inspired by the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, or Charles Perrault. The Fairytale Forest was founded on the work of Peter Reijnders and Anton Pieck, R.J.Th. Van der Heijden. Van der Heijden conceived the idea to boost tourism in the 1950s. To recreate a fairytale park Reijnders, he asked his boy-in-law Peter Reijnders, an Eindhoven-born cinematographer and amateur inventor.

Fairytale Forest

It took around two years for the first ten fairy tales to develop and build: the Chinese Nightingale, The Nightingale, Mother Holle, Snow White, and The Six Slaves, The Sleeping Beauty, The Gnome Village, “Number One,” “The Frog Prince.”

There are 25 scenes in the Fairytale Forest. Some of them have specific events like the Red Crescent at the door of their grandmother’s home. Others, for example, the Gnome Village, are more general. There are three types of fairy tale scenes: indoor scenes with a commentary about the story (for example, The Indian Water Lilies); structures too small to enter, but visitors can see through windows (the grandmother’s house of Little Red Riding Hood); and open-air attractions like the Frog King or the Naughty Princess.

What is the specialty of Fairytale Forest?

Fairytale Forest

A sophisticated disposal system by Anton Pieck and Ton van de Ven is designed and developed initially by Henk Knuivers to maintain the cleanliness of the park. Eleven talks of disposal of waste. Children take the trash from the floor and stock it to hear the gobbler talk.

Hollow Bulging Gijs, the most popular goblin to swallow when he eats waste and gives him a politely thankful voice when Captain Gijs throws a gun onto his cannon to show his enthusiasm for the cleanliness of guests. Captain Gijs and the batteries were, however, taken out to make way for Pinocchio’s fairytale.

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