When will Another Season 2 come out? What will be its storyline?

Since 2012, fans have been expecting news of Another Season 2. The series of horror thrillers are very well received. When it comes to anime, the horror genre is challenging, but P.A. Works did it justice to Another. This is a long-awaited animation with a waiting period of more than 8 years. The 12-episode anime, which Sentai Filmworks licensed, was broadcast from 10 January 2012 to 27 March 2012. Speculation is a lot. Here’s what we know you’re going to know about this anime of horror.

What is the story of Another Season 2?

Another season 2

The story is set in a Yomiyama city. In 1972, a famous student died in Yomiyama North Middle School 3-3. Misaki was the name of the student. Yomiyama has been struck by darkness and terror since then. Twenty-six years later, the plot takes place when a 15-year-old student moves to middle school 3/3. Kouichi Sakakibara is his name. He discovers a dim atmosphere that grabs the school.

Kouichi is also attracted to an extraordinary eye patch with Mei Misaki as a student. He keeps approaching Mei and finally begins to uncover the truth behind him. In the first season, Mei, Kouichi, and all of them follow the series as they unravel the tragic events surrounding them. They reveal Yomiyama’s mysteries. The second season’s story is still vague, but we’ll let you know when we’ll hear more about it.

When will Another Season 2 come out?

Another season 2

The release date of the producers of the show is not officially spoken. A prequel OVA was published on May 26, 2012, aside from the main series. In August 2012, there was also a live-action film of the same name.

No news has been published since then. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world seems to begin to come back to normal; there is hope. 2021 appears to be the year in which most publications are planned, and the Another Stage 2 is the same. We’ll certainly let you know once we receive more updates.

Where can you watch it?

Crunchyroll and Netflix will watch the latest and only season of Another. We expect this to occur on the same network as the second season of the series will come out. It’ll most probably come out first and then on Netflix on Crunchyroll. However, again, we have to wait for the specifics to come up.

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