What is the storyline of I’m not a Robot? When Will Season 2 come out?

Korean dramas appear to be addicted to the Romance genre. Most shows have a love story as part of the storyline, but the public wanting to see something different gets a little underwhelming. I’m not a robot. Season 2 is such a show that, despite Romance, it turns it all around.

It’s not a traditional “feel good” show. The display is. However, a little underestimated. For those people who attend this watch party, as for others, we have some news that I am not the robot season 2, and we recommend that you watch this unique show because you’re missing a lot.

What is I Am Not A Robot story?

I'm not a robot season 2

I’m not a robot season2 of Kim Sun-Südkorean mi’s drama show, which Jung Dae-Yoon directed and published in 2017, depicts a poetic touch of human emotions. Our feelings are the foundation and the resulting relationships of society. It’s not a robot that introduces us to a chaebol who, for the sake of his relentless allergy, had to live his life like Disney Princess Rapunzel. He can only help pine for it, therefore. The display reminds us of the value of the relationships we have with our loved ones.

What is its storyline?

Kim Min-kyu, the creamy head of a financial company with an allergic reaction, is forced to live far away from everyone when he comes into contact with a human being. This solitary isolation leaves him desperate and lonely for human connections. He buys a humanoid robot to console himself.

When will Season 2 come out?

I'm not a robot season 2

I’m not a robot Season 2 is not scheduled for the start of Season 2. All the arcs were ended in the first season, and the characters were happy. This means it seems unnecessary and impossible for a second season. The task of starting development during the pandemic, in particular, has been difficult. We don’t think we’ll get reports about renewing the show in the coming months with the year already approaching its close, and if it is to happen too. For the time being, I’m not Robot Season 2. We don’t have any official announcements. If there are any more updates, then we will immediately let you know.


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