What Happened to Your Name? Will Season 2 Ever Happen?

Your Name is a romantic fantasy 2016 movie made and released in Japan by Toho from CoMix Wave Films. It portrays a high school boy in Tokyo and a high school boy who unexpectedly and inexplicably starts to swap bodies in Japan’s countryside.

Animes are very popular, as stated in our posts. All love to read and watch animation stories. They’ve got a big fan around the world. The romantic animated Japanese movie “Your Name” is coming as it was highly sought after. But this has not been confirmed officially yet. It is less likely that it has little to do. It is already shielded. Your Name 2 is going to occur?

What is Your Name about?

Arifureta Season 2

“The Word,” the 2016 film by Masashi Ando and CoMix Wave Films in Japan, was directed and directed by Makoto Shinkai. “Your Name,” says about Taki in Tokyo, a high school boy, and Mitsuha, a rural secondary school girl who unexpectedly and unexplainedly starts swapping bodies. But this swap is not consistent and sporadically keeps flipping between normal conditions.

Initially, this unexpected upheaval led to several funny situations where the family of Mitsuha assumed that a demon-possessed her due to her sudden newly male habits. His friends began wondering about his changes. Taki’s case was the same.

Both struggle with discomfort and understanding because of their bodies. This reveals a great deal of romance in the old school. You guys won’t give more info. No, Your Name 2 spoilers!!!

What is the official announcement?

But the odds are slim. Fans demand a sequence. Shinkai is not notorious for doing his job sequels. It’s an unbelievable movie. You’ll love that whether you’re an anime fan or not. It’s beyond gorgeous. If it’s animation, cinematography, editing, etc., everything about this movie is perfect. “Your name” is just one of Makoto Shinkai’s classic examples. Well, for another season, we can still hope! The Show will be published after the Pandemic, and crossed fingers!

When will it come out?

Your Name 2 is not officially released. Our latest updates will be given, and we will stay tuned.

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