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What happened to Bryce Walker? How did He Die?

Every 13 Reasons season Why is a mystery. Why? One year all of us saw scratches on their heads about who would appear on the cassette tapes of Hannah and why she herself murdered, two-season was everyone who shipped the polaroids and three seasons now turn to a whodunnit, ‘Who killed Bryce Walker?

Seasons two and three are new stories created for Netflix during the first season of Jay Asher’s book of the same name, making viewers have many questions. How did Bryce happen? Who killed him? Who killed him?

Who killed Bryce Walker?

Bryce Walker

13 Reasons Why was Bryce Walker’s main mystery given away for season 3 in the first trailer? Why season three, and we now know the answer is at the center of 13 reasons how Bryce died.

Bryce can never meet Jess, however. Rather, Zach faces him, who followed him after the game. Bryce and Zach fight again to break Bryce’s arm and leg, wounds that end up playing a part in his death. Bryce and Zach fight again.

As each of the episodes gave evidence looking at each character, it turned out that Clay did not kill Bryce, Tony, Jess, or Justin. Alex Standall has been found out to be the killer of Bryce.

What happened to Bryce Walker?

Bryce Walker

Eight months after the second season, Clay pulled off Tyler’s gun to stop the school shooter, the controversial Netflix series recovers. The first episode in the third season presents Ani and lets us know that Bryce was missing after a school soccer match. There’s a motive for more than one person. After all, Clay sent Bryce a message to tell him he wished him dead. Jess, Jess was raped by him. Two days before he was sentenced to three months probation for raping Hannah, Bryce changed schools.

What happened on Homecoming Night?

A struggle breaks out between the Liberty High and Hillcrest players, during which Bryce wounds Captain Zach Dempsey. The couple was friends before Bryce’s ,behavior and his sexual assaults came to light.

Bryce asks Jess just before the match to meet him on the docks to give her something. The result is an apology tape – in Hannah Baker’s style – where it finally recognizes her and the women’s abuse.

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