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What is Carbon offsetting? How does it work?

No matter where the emission occurs or what the source is, Carbon dioxide has the same impact on the climate. If a ton of carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the atmosphere in one part of the world, it must also cancel out a ton of the gas emitted in another. Notably, the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air given out by living beings, they grow and store it, making forests one of the biggest carbon sinks.

Companies and individuals can cancel out the impact of some of their discharge by devoting in the projects that lower or store carbon – forest preservation and tree planting are amongst them. Thus, the carbon credits are also awarded for projects that cause the reduction of fossil fuels in other ways, such as windfarms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods.

Basically, Carbon offsets are the only way to be a sticking plaster, not a cure. However, in order to keep the forests of the globe safe, at least $100bn requires to flow to heavily forested developing countries each year. Notably, the global efforts are totally needed to cheer up the nations to keep their forests standing. On the other hand, the political and public pressure on intractable governments.

At the postponed UN climate summit, COP26, to be held this autumn in Glasgow, governments will have to set out national plans for meeting the 2015 Paris agreement. Thus, this may be the last chance for a coordinated plan to protect the remaining tropical forests of the world. In addition, the British hosts will have to prove they are up to that task. So, it is really very important to plant more tress and reduce the deforestation. Consequently, this will lead to the reduction of carbon dioxide.

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