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Exercise is an activity that involves the body and enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall wellness and health. It is performed for various reasons like improving strength, aiding growth, developing the cardiovascular system and muscles, preventing ageing, improving health, and weight loss. A non-active lifestyle can not only cause obesity, but it can also increase the risk of chronic illnesses. For mental health, even exercise is beneficial too as it helps to keep stress in control.

The U.S Department of Health has reported it, and Human Services has reported that around 80% of U.S adults are not getting enough exercise. Since the 2nd half of the 20th-century, people are becoming and prefer their non-active life. According to CDC, the average percentage of U.S adults that fulfil the necessary physical activity guidelines is only 22.9%.

Across the world, the trend of exercise has changed in recent times. The year 2020 is driven by a pandemic where people are forced to stay indoors. The fitness industry has also adapted itself to the change in circumstances. They have come up with live streams and on-demand fitness platforms which helping people to exercise. Digital workout and home fitness have become the new trend and will continue for years to come. Many health and fitness companies have also adopted the changing trend.

Carry too much health can cause damage to your health. According to CDC, obesity rates have increased in the U.S in recent times. As of 2010, more than one-third of U.S adults were considered obese. They had a body mass of index of 30 or higher. Obesity can lead to several serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer.

Losing weight is not an easy process, but one can achieve it easily with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Exercise is helpful in weight loss and maintaining weight loss. Exercise can increase the number of calories burnt in a day or metabolism. It can help maintain and increase lean body mass, which helps increase the number of calories burnt each day. In n a week, a steady loss of 1 to 2 pounds is considered safe and is recommended for long-term weight maintenance. Each individual has a different weight loss process, and other factors like diet, metabolic changes, body size, and gender can affect it. For different purposes, there are different kinds of exercise. Some exercise focuses on strength, toning the muscles, and some help burns calories and reduces weight.

The average adult man approximately 2,200 calories a day to maintain his average weight who doesn’t exercise. A woman needs about 1,800 calories to maintain her weight. Before starting any exercise routine, one must consult a doctor, especially if they have arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease. People who are inactive in recent months, who are overweight, or have recently quit smoking should also consult a doctor before starting an exercise program.

When anyone starts any exercise, then they pay attention to the body signal it’s giving. One should push oneself so that fitness level improves. But then pushing too hard can cause health issues. One should stop the exercise if one starts to feel pain or lack of breath. 

The amount of exercise needed for weight loss –

To get the health benefit of exercise, it is recommended that one undergoes some form of aerobic exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes per session at least three times a week. If anyone wants to lose weight, then 20 minutes is beneficial. Including 15 minutes of moderate exercise like walking one mile daily will burn up to 100 extra calories. Over the year, burning 700 calories a week can equal 10 lbs. of weight loss.

Exercises for weight loss –

Lat Pulldown – It helps work the major back muscles to strengthen them. At a moderate pace doing this exercise for 30 minutes can burn around 224 calories. It is a great strength-building exercise, and when combining with other exercises, it is good for weight loss.

Lunges – People who can maintain their balance can easily complete a lunging exercise without much struggle. Walking lunges have a relatively low impact, but amazing toning benefits are there for the body. Jumping lunges can not be easy to perform but helps to burn more calories in a short span. This is a great exercise for exercising one balance and engaging the hip muscles, glutes, quads.

Jump Squats – It is a variation of the traditional squat and is a very powerful calorie-burning exercise that is in high-intensity workout regimens mostly incorporated. This exercise is difficult to perform but helps to burn calories faster. With a 30-second rest performing 30 jump squats in sets of ten can help you burn almost 100 calories. It helps to keep one in shape and reduce weight.

Burpees – is one of the quickest calorie-burning exercises and is a must for any weight loss workout. This form of exercise gets heart-pounding and helps build a lot of lean muscle. In the beginning, low impact burpees can be performed. But regular burpees are high impact. Performing burpees for 30 minutes can burn from 135 to 355 calories depending upon body weight and intensity.

Mountain Climbers – This is a cardio exercise that is effective in weight loss. It can easily be a full-body workout since it engages obliques, butt, hamstrings. The entire body is engaged in this, so lots of calories can be burnt in a short span. In 30 minutes, it can burn approximately 240 to 355.5 calories.

Plank – In any workout, strengthening the core is important. Plank is the best exercise to help develop core muscle strength and stability. It is a strength-building exercise that can help to burn calories and help to reduce weight. It is mostly used in yoga and Pilates and engages the abs, legs, arms, and back. The internal abdominal muscles are targeted by it and help ease lower back pain.

Thrusters – It is a combination of a squat and shoulder press. All the major muscles of the body are engaged by it and help strengthen the core grip shoulders, quads, glutes, strength. This exercise is difficult too and helps to burn calories and muscle strength.

Jumping Jacks – One of the most popular warm-up exercises. They are easy to perform, can be done anywhere, and can easily be included in any workout. A high-impact jumping jack helps in burning calories which in turn helps in reducing weight. One thousand calories can be burnt by doing a jumping jack for 10 minutes. The exercises cannot be performed for a long time, and for a balanced workout, they should be combined with other exercises.

Swimming – is a low-impact workout that improves blood flow, lung, heart capacity, muscle strength, and burn energy. Swimming is a less stressful exercise and the best one for limited mobility and joint problem. The average number of calories burned is 200 for 30 minutes of swimming. For an ideal swimming workout, at least 20 to 30 laps should be covered. Swimming alters the body shape making it thinner and elongated, and fitter.

Shadow Boxing – is a cardio-vascular exercise that engages the legs and arms and is an important part of bodyweight workouts. Professional boxers use it to warm up their joints and muscles before they start boxing. This exercise can burn almost 300 calories in an hour.

Butt Kicks – is a simple and effective cardio exercise part of most high-intensity workout routines. Doing this exercise at high intensity burns a lot of calories in little time. Thirty minutes of this exercise can burn from 240 to 355.5 calories.

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