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The Immigration role of Kamala Harris muddles perplexity!

Source: The Financial Express

Few weeks ago, the newly appointed President Joe Biden of the USA declared the duties of the Vice President Kamala Harris. However, with the leading tactful attainments to empower the flow of migrants at the Southern border, the White House itself is being founded to clear the role she has to perform on a near everyday basis.

The Press secretary of White House, Jen Psaki, was asked recurring questions on whether Kamala’s role includes talking about the current situation on the southern border. However, the aides to the vice president have instantly shot their hints that Kamala is being focused on anything other than confronting the main reasons of migration in Mexico and also the “Northern Triangle” countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Also, The White House has been frequently forced to clear that the Vice President Kamala is totally engrossed on the basic causes of migration. Thus, Harris is not attentive towards the challenges at the southern border. Kamala Harris conveyed  short remarks while addressing the meeting with President Joe Biden, members of the Cabinet and immigration advisers in the State Dining Room on March 24. “This is a priority for her. But it’s also a priority for her to get the jobs plan passed and it’s a priority for her to talk to people about getting vaccinated,” a White House member said. “You can do many things at once.”

The Press Secretary, Psaki said, “The Northern Triangle, which I’m sure you’re aware of,” on Wednesday, “is not the same as the border.”

The doubts around Kamala’s initial big policy assignment marks the challenges Harris is going through, while she seeks to explain her role. As a result, this raised queries as to why the White House did not do much at the outset to clearly develop and communicate the shape of her new policy role. Also, Kamala did not seem to be in any public events this past week linked to migration and  to take questions from the reporters traveling along.

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