Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram update of her daughters make fans wonder about Psalm

There has been quite a buzz relating to Kim Kardashian’s little girl completing 1 this year. Everything seems fine with her Instagram posts relating to her daughters until fans couldn’t help asking about Psalm being off the frame.

Its understandable, being a mother of three is a herculean task that only someone with first-hand parenting experience can know. Psalm is the fourth and the youngest of them all and seems to have been forgotten, fans said.

It obviously has to do with Kim. Being an influencer, affording to take blurry shots won’t seem too nice. “There’s always someone who’s either blurred or partially off the frame”, she said in an interview.

Earlier this year, when much about the COVID-19 was yet to be known, Kanye was infected with the virus. Kim opens up about the difficulties of being a mother of 4 and trying to take care of her husband alone, during the infection.

Kim is happy now, or as much as it seems, when asked about Kanye rocking a guarded mask going to lunch at Nobu in Malibu. She expressed her joy speaking of how Kanye has learned a lesson and taking utmost care after being infected with the coronavirus.


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