Is Ezeephone Krypton Legit Or Scam? Are They Clones?

The mobiles of Krypton are strictly publicized by YouTube, Facebook, Google Search Engine, etc. And because of advertising, few people consider it to be a legit website on trusted websites. Unfortunately, there are already people who have placed an order for these mobile phones on the website of Ezeephones. To know much more about this scam, keep reading this post.

Is Krypton A Legit Brand?

Ezeephone Krypton

Phones with the name Krypton and models are sold on directly. By opening in any web browser, you can check out your website.

When you visit the website, the “Tag Offers,” “Best Vendor,” “Special Offers,” “Discount Products,” and “Featured Products” website includes five sections. In Ezeephone, you will find so many smartphones, tablets, and electronic accessories. By naming their name “Krypton,” they rename the actual name of the original smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy M30 copy product was called the Krypton M30, Realme XT was named the Krypton X2, VIVO Y8 had been named the Krypton Y8, Redmi 20 had been named Krypton K20. You copied the name entirely.

The Krypton Pro M30s 9610 CPU appears in the specifications when the product page Krypton M30s is opened. The timing is shown in an OFFER ENDS IN section, although surprisingly, the offer does not end.

Proof that proves it’s a scam website

Ezeephone Krypton

  • is the domain address, while ezeephones are the names of websites, without “s.”
  • When the product page is opened, part suppliers accept any Pincode whether or not it is available in India. We entered “000000” (Sixx 0), “Service for 0000000” (Sixx 1), “Service for 000000,” and “Service for 111111.” In India, there are no pin codes.
  • With less than ten reviews, every product has a 5-star rating.
  • In smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TWS, there’s no branding other than Krypton.
  • If clicked, the WishList button is not redirected, and no dialogue box is displayed. It turns grey
  • If you click About Us, placed above the footer, you open our page with several errors. They missed the complete stop, made a spelling mistake.
  • Without available options, the NEED HELP section is placed above the footprint. FAQs, customer service, report abuse, and desire list options are not working.
  • “Careers, sitemap” is not working in the Company section. If you click on the Blog, take us to the top of the website.
  • Buyer Central does not hyperlink to “Buyer Protection, Payment Options or Buyer Guides,” but EMI Payment takes us up when clicked.

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