From Worst to First : California’s small victory on COVID!

Source: Deadline

Not long ago, California was reported to be the focal point of the Covid-19. In Los Angeles, the hospitals were drowning with patients and ambulances, and the patients were lolling outside the hospitals. With the staggering death counts, many of the funeral chapels were filled. In addition, the refrigerated trucks were brought in to handle the overflow.

The scramble to get COVID-19 vaccinations has allowed a way to an open invitation in many places, where people queue up for hours and counties struggle to get doses. Also, now there seems to be a glut of the shots in many locations. Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, the University of California, Los Angeles’ Public Health School, said, “It has been a success story for California to have gone from our, if you will, viral tsunami that happened after the back-to-back holiday season to where we are now. ”

With California’s winter surge that followed the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays, California state was reported with 40,000 new cases everyday. There were more than 500 deaths per day. And now, the numbers have dwindled to 2,300 new cases and 68 deaths daily.

Kim-Farley, in his recent statement said, “California’s surge had put fear into more people to wear masks, a rule still in place that he said he has helped prevent a resurgence.” Further, he stated, “Some states in the United States that lifted mask mandates are suffering the consequences of that with increasing numbers of cases while we are continuing to see decreases.”

California also struggled with its vaccine shortage like other states. This limited the doses to health workers and elderly people. Notably, these people were more at risk of getting hospitalized or dying. Further, the vaccine doses have peaked as cases have tapered. Additionally, the high number of Covid-19, over the winter also led to a certain level of natural immunity.

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