Do Covid vaccines booster shots need of the hour ?

Covid vaccines

There is lots of research to prove that people who have received Covid vaccines have less chance to get affected by Covid and even if they do the effect will not be severe. According to many researchers, the current Covid vaccination is not much effective for the new variant of Covid like Delta. One study showed that 95% of people had weaker immune systems even after taking both vaccinations when it comes to the Delta variant. People with a single dose of vaccination have weak immune systems, which indicates that none of the vaccine’s single dose is effective.

In the US, research has shown that people with a weak immune system haven’t received full protection from the Covid vaccination. Healthy people who have taken the covid vaccination, immunocompromised people’s bodies may not produce enough protective antibodies after two doses of the Covid vaccines. This could leave them vulnerable to Covid, especially when more contagious variants circulate in a community.

In mid-August, federal health authorities announced immunocompromised people would be allowed to get special, additional doses of the Covid vaccines. Last week health officials in the U.S. announced that the aim is to offer booster shots during the fall. The booster shot will be available eight months after the 2nd dose of vaccines. FDA is conducting an independent evaluation to find the effectiveness and safety of the booster dose of Covid vaccines. Based on a thorough review of the evidence ACIP will decide whether to go ahead with a booster shot or not. The people eligible for the booster dose are the people who received the 1st dose of Covid vaccination. This includes residents of long-term care facilities, healthcare providers, and other older adults.

The Covid vaccine authorization in the US continues to be highly effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization, severe illness, death. Experts are researching all available data to see how well the vaccines are working and how the current vaccination is effective against the new variants like Delta. ACIP and FDA recommend it; then, people will start receiving booster shoot from this fall. People who received Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are now eligible for booster shots. As per CDC, not much data is available on whether immunocompromised people who got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine need another dose. Research is going on, and CDC is hoping that data will be available soon.

The biggest question here is that if booster shots are approved, will that mean the current covid vaccination is ineffective in protecting against Covid. As per CDC, covid vaccines effectively protect against the virus, but with the Delta variant, public health experts see reduced protection against mild and moderate disease. Because of this reason, the US Department of Health and Human Services is planning for a booster shot so vaccinated people maintain protection over the coming months.

Covid vaccines work –

To offer protection different types of vaccines work in different ways. With whatever vaccine a person takes, their body is left with B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes that will help fight the virus in the future. According to CDC, after the vaccination, it takes few weeks for the body to produce these. Therefore people might get Covid before and after the vaccination because the vaccine did not have enough time to provide protection. CDC also said that sometimes after the vaccination. Developing immunity can cause symptoms such as fever, and these symptoms are signs that the body is building immunity. 

Vaccine boosters and 3rd dose-

Vaccine boosters are additional vaccine doses that provide extra protection against disease. It is given because the effects of some vaccines may reduce over a period of time. They are common for many viral infections like flu, tetanus, Diptheria, etc. Some vaccines taking a smaller dose more often is effective than taking a larger dose.

There are generally two reasons why people may consider a vaccine booster. Immunity decrease over time. Without repeated exposure to certain antigens, the immune system becomes weak. Vaccine boosters help the immune system maintain a protective response. Because of viral variants, people may need vaccine boosters. Some variants are avoiding some part of the body’s immune response. This means that it can easily infect those who have an existing immune response to the virus, that is, those who have been previously vaccinated or infected. The virus cannot avoid all parts of the immune response. Parts of the immune response that the virus cannot avoid booster vaccination helps to improve. The vaccine booster can be used alternatively to target the viral variants.

According to health officials, people must know the difference between 3rd dose of vaccines and the booster dose. Boosters are offered to people who received full vaccination and developed a good immune response, but that reduced over time. 3rd dose is given to those people whose immune response didn’t build up after the full vaccination is over. That is the reason CDC and FDA recommend 3rd dose of vaccines 1st for immunocompromised individuals. Questions are raising that whether the vaccine boosters have to be from the same brand of initial vaccinations. As per CDC, the answer is yes. The vaccine brands have to be the same for the boosters as well.

As per CDC and health officials, if anyone is immunocompromised, the 3rd dose of vaccine will provide better protection, but the same immunity will not be there like healthy people. Immunocompromised people should take proper precautions to protect themselves from getting Covid. One more question that arises here is if a person’s disease is not listed in the CDC list of diseases for 3rd dose, then can that person take the 3rd dose? The answer would be no. The person will have to consult a doctor for this.

As per the health officials, most people will certainly require additional doses or booster shots. Still, research is being done on the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines. Healthy people will have ample protection from Covid vaccines. There is a very rare chance of healthy vaccinated people getting affected with Covid, but it will be less severe even if they get so.

Statement by FDA, CDC and other U.S. health experts says, “Based on our latest assessment, the current protection against severe disease, hospitalization, and death could diminish in the months ahead, especially among those who are at higher risk or were vaccinated during the earlier phases of the vaccination rollout.”

Vaccine booster debates –

The current debate about vaccine boosters is whether they need or whether should be used elsewhere, particularly in developing countries. The WHO has warned against the booster shot because there is a huge gap between rich and developing countries. Millions of people in developing countries are not able to get their 1st shot. WHO also said that there is not much scientific evidence for an additional booster shoot.

Hungary, UAE, Indonesia, Russia, and Israel have already started administering booster shots. Germany will start in September, and Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Cambodia, Sweden, Brazil, Britain have also been given the go-ahead. To selected population groups, Thailand, Spain, Italy, France are also planning to offer booster shots. 

As per the US government, they will be realizing 600 million vaccines does to needy countries.




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