Covid-19 Vaccine’s impact on reproduction and fertility!

Source: UChicago Medicine

Recently, the medical experts of the USA stated that getting a vaccine while undergoing reproductive assistance is just prior to be stabilized for good outcomes. In San Francisco, California researchers told, “Timing has a crucial role in transfers of embryos and also during the other forms of fertility treatments.”

Dr. John Swartzberg with the UC Berkeley’s school of public health. “It is safe, but you don’t want to have the effects of the COVID vaccine and be also getting pregnant.” Further, he said “Communication is key. It can be a stressful time, so you need to talk with your doctor/specialist about this”

Notably, the vaccine has highlighted the other health issues of the women as well. Consequently, they experience heavier and painful menstrual cycles, the one who are vaccinated. “There have been no reports of menstrual cycle irregularities in terms of the studies. But when you look at what people are talking about on social media, there are thousands of women talking about some irregular menstruation after getting vaccinated,” Dr. John said.

The documentation can be noticed and seen on social media. As per the CDC’s findings, nearly about 80% of women responded to few varying type of side effects with the vaccine. However, the pregnant women responsive to the symptoms of coronavirus are at high risk of severe illness, complications and death than non-pregnant women. Also, lots of covid-19 pregnant women have medical conditions that keeps them at further increased risk.

The main point to be considered is the level of  activity of the pandemic in your community surroundings. Thus, it is important to understand that the study to date has particularly evaluated the coronavirus vaccine in pregnant and lactating women. Though there are a few pregnant women who are inadvertently involved in the vaccine trials. The preliminary developmental and reproductive toxicity studies show no indications to any of the devastating effects on reproduction or fetal development. This is to say, the fertility treatments and menstruation are just the latest issues facing women and COVID-19.

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