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California to re-open by 15 June!

Recently, it was being announced that California is going to be on the track by June 15. Notably, the state is going to fully reopen its economy by next month. On Friday, for the first time, the details were exactly explained about  what restrictions are set to be followed.

There is going to be the first and the biggest amendment, which is the removal of all capacity limits and physical distancing requirements, regardless of setting. Thus, this probably signifies that the bars, restaurants, concert venues, grocery stores and everything in between can open at full capacity, if they choose to.

Also, it was stated that there is no necessity of the vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19, to do practically anything. However, the state is planning to keep some recommendations — and one requirement — on “mega events” in place:

For the events happening outdoors with about more than 10,000 people, the state will recommend the masses to have a verification of vaccination or the negative test in place. However, the ones who have not taken their vaccination or who do not get their Covid-19 negative test result verified, can still attend the ceremonies with their masks on. Although, this is a recommendation from the state, not a requirement.

The Health and Human Services Secretary of CDC,  Dr. Mark Ghaly, “This does not mean that local public health authorities, local health jurisdictions cannot or will not put in more strict guidance based on their local conditions.” The health officials can always keep stricter measures in place if they determine it’s necessary.

Also, for the indoor venues the recommendation is of about  5,000. However, at these indoor events, non-vaccinated people who don’t show a negative COVID-19 test result should not enter, the state says. This is a requirement, not a recommendation. When it comes to masking, California is planning to fully align with CDC guidance come June 15.


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