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Three round-robin games took place on Wednesday evening at the BKT Tires & OK Tire World Women’s Curling Championship. This 14th session of play saw Sweden taking on Korea, Italy playing Turkey, and Czech Republic facing Japan.

Canada were scheduled to play Scotland in this session, but COVID-19 difficulties have forced the Scots to withdraw, giving the Canadians the automatic win. This will be the case for all of Scotland’s remaining round-robin opponents.

Sweden versus Korea

In this match-up, both teams were looking for their seventh win of the competition. While Korea were sitting on second place on the rankings with a 7-1 win-loss record, Sweden were third, having picked up two losses along their six wins so far.

Korea had last-stone advantage in the first end, and after blanking it, they scored a single in the second. They could have scored two, but Korean skip Kim EunJung came up shot with her last draw attempt.

Sweden scored two in the third to take a 2-1 lead.

In the fourth end, Korea scored a single as Kim EunJung came up short with her last draw in an attempt to put two points on the board.

In the fifth, a measure decided that Sweden scored one point, and the teams went into the break with a 3-2 half-time result, Sweden leading.

In the sixth end, Sweden stole a single point, as Kim EunJung’s last stone accidentally tapped a Swedish stone into scoring position.

Sweden were leading the game by 5-2, playing the eighth end. In that end, Korea scored a single with a perfect draw from Kim EunJung with her last stone.

In the ninth, Sweden scored two more points, partly due to two perfect shots by their skip Anna Hasselborg. Sweden were leading the game by 7-3, going into the tenth end. In that end, Sweden eventually ran Korea out of stones to make 7-3 the final result.

Sweden dropped their morning game to Canada, and their third player Sara McManus talked about their one win, one loss day, saying, “The ice has been a little bit tricky today, so it was kind of a new situation to just adapt to all the changes like with the stones being sanded. So, we were just focusing on learning mode all day and trying to just get a nice feeling out there. And I think we did that each end today. So, that was nice.”

Team Korea © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Italy versus Turkey

In this game, Italy were looking for their second victory of the event, while Turkey attempted to pick up their first win.

After blanking the first end, Turkey picked up two points in the second, as Italian skip Stefania Constantini missed both of her shots in the end.

The teams swapped single-point scores in the next two ends. Italy then scored two in the fifth to level the game at 3-3 at the break.

After a blank sixth end, Italy stole two points in the seventh when Turkish skip Dilsat Yildiz was unsuccessful with her double take-out attempt.

Italy were leading the game by 5-3 going into the eighth end. In that end, Yildiz was heavy with her last draw attempt to give up a steal of two more points.

Turkey put a big score of three on the board in the ninth after a perfect promotion take-out by Yildiz with her last stone.

Going into the tenth end, Italy were leading by 7-6, and had last-stone advantage. However, due to an excellent promotion take-out by Yildiz, followed by an unsuccessful hit-and-roll by Constantini, Turkey stole a single point to take the game to an extra end.

In the extra end, with her last stone, Constantini removed the Turkish counter from the one-foot to score two points and win the game by 9-7.

Italy’s Veronica Zappone and Marta Lo Deserto © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Czech Republic versus Japan

Japan were seeking their sixth win of the week in their game against Czech Republic to keep themselves in the mix for a play-off spot, while the Europeans wanted to improve on their 1-6 win-loss record.

After blanking the first end, Czech Republic scored a single in the second. Japan responded with one point in the third to level the game at 1-1.

In the fourth, Czech Republic needed to settle for a single point as their skip Alzbeta Baudysova’s shooter rolled out of the house after her last take-out.

In the fifth, Japan scored a single to level the game again, at 2-2, going into the break.

In the sixth, the Czechs could have scored two points, but Alzbeta Baudysova was heavy with her last draw attempt and they settled for only one point.

The first multiple-score of the game came in the eighth end, when Czech Republic put two points on the board to lead the game by 5-3.

In the ninth end, Japanese skip Kitazawa Ikue was unsuccessful with her difficult solf-peel attempt with her last stone, which resulted in a steal of two points for the Czechs. At this point, Japan conceded defeat with a 7-3 end result.

After their second win of the week, a delighted Alzbeta Baudysova said, “It was a great game. Me, personally, I was a bit struggling in the first half, but my team played really well. We made those key shots, and we are so happy for the win because we played so many though games so far that ended up with a loss. So we are really happy that we could win this one.”

Team Japan © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Session 14 results: Sweden 7-3 Korea; Italy 9-7 Turkey; Scotland L-W Canada; Czech Republic 7-3 Japan

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