Who will be in A Korean Odyssey Season 2? When will it come out?

A Hwayugi Korean Odyssey is a serial drama written by the Hong Sisters. A Hwayugi Korean drama. This is a modern version of Wu Chueng’en’s classical Chinese novel of the 16th century entitled “Journey to the West.” A few incidents during the production had at that time created controversy, but nobody could dispute the dominance of the show. We are here now to talk about a Korean Odyssey Season 2 possibility.

The fantasy-romantic drama serves the public a lot through its enticing graphics, a fantastic cast, and storyline, but something else attracted the audience’s attention. That’s the soundtrack of the show featuring music from popular Korean artists such as N’UEST W, Suran, AOA, Bumkey, etc. The display extends Magic Realism’s hand to depict the hardness in fantasy in the real world.

A Korean Odyssey

When will it come out?

The first season was broadcast on 23 December 2017, and records were broken by widespread popularity, which only grew when Netflix was launched. The end of Season 1 also left a few questions open, adding the reasons that could potentially lead to a follow-up. The chance of a sequel, to be honest, is very high, but we can say nothing because the official sources stated nothing. We’ll inform our readers immediately if anything comes up about A Korean Odyssey Season 2. Stay tuned! Just stay tuned!

What is the storyline?

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

The King of the Corrupted In his stature, Son Oh-gong is barred into the human world. It’s only by approaching a woman who can see spirits that he can go back. Things get more complicated because a curse makes things even more complex, and they have to battle evil spirits together. Is A Korean Season 2 going to continue?

Who will be in Korean Odyssey Season 2?

The audience has been connected to the older cast already. It is unfortunate if we cannot see them for A Korean Season 2. It will be a pity.

  • Son Oh-gong by Lee Seung-gi
  • Woo Hwi-Chul / Woo Ma-wang / Devil King by Cha Seung-won
  • Jin Seon-mi / Sam-Jang by Oh Yeon-Seo
  • P.K / Joe Pal-game by Lee Hong-gi
  • Yoon Dae-Sik / Sa Oh-Jeong by Jang Gwang
  • Jung Se-ra / Jin Bu-ja / Richie / Ah Sa-no by Lee Se-young
  • Ma Ji-young by Lee El
  • Kang Dae-sung by Song Jong-ho
  • Lee Han-Joo by Kim Sung-oh
  • General Winter and Summer Fairy by Sung Hyuk


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