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Who were the Contestants in The Voice Season 18 Episode 5? What happened in that Episode?

The Voice airs with the all-new episode 5, “The Blind Auditions, Part 5,” from Monday, March 16, 2020, and we have your Voice recap right down the bottom. Tomorrow night, the 18th episode of Voice 5, The “Blind Hearing” continues to coach all sorts of songs in the “Blind Auditions.” The vocalists compete for one of the coaches and struggle for an opportunity to be named “The Voice.”

Who were the contestants?

The Voice Season 18 episode 5

Brittney Allen is 28 in Georgia, Columbus. Music came from her dad’s life. He was a family musician. He always tells her that she lives his dreams. “Dancing On My Own,” Brittney sings. Only John’s chair turns. Tracy Preston’s 35, Pennsylvania’s from Preston. She grew up in a tough neighborhood, but she had many brothers who were looking after her. In the church choir, she learned to sing. For R&B singer Vivian Green, she sang backup. “Rock Steady,” Tracy sings. There are no turned chairs.

Alabaster, Alabama’s Cam Spinks is 29. He comes from a small town and works for tractors around his home. His father inculcated hard work in him. A tonne of music he wrote. The chairs of Blake and Kelly are turning. Brittney is 28 in Columbus, Georgia. He was a family musician from her dad’s life. He tells her she’s always going to live her dreams. Brittney sings “Dancing on My Own.” Only the chair John turns around. Pennsylvania’s from Preston, Tracy Preston’s 35. But she had many brothers who looked after her. She grew up in a hard neighborhood. Vivian Green sang backup for the R&B singer. Tracy sings “Rock Steady.” No chairs are turned.

Who was more in it?

The Voice Season 18 Episode 5

It is 23, from San Antonio, Texas in Mandi Castillo. Its kind of soul is R&B. A Spanish song, she’ll sing. This is a turn of four chairs. Cedric is 28 from the California city of San Diego. For three and a half years, she has been singing. She has had a difficult journey, an autoimmune deficiency. She went through school depression, met some musicians, and found a journey for her. She’ll sing, “Fever.” She’ll sing. John’s chair turns. The other judges stand up, watch Cedric sing, blown away.

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