Who is Vegeta and What Are His Abilities?

Vegeta is a fictional character in a Dragon Ball franchise developed by Akira Toriyama, also called the Prince Vegeta or alternately designed as Vegeta. He first comes to Sayonara Son Goku chapter #204, published on November 7, 1988, in Weekly Shōnen Jump, which sought the desirable immortality of Dragon Balls.

He is the prince of an alien warrior race called the Saiians. He is highly arrogant, proud, and hard-working; his ethnicity and royal status in the series are a constant reference. He thought that after losing his first battle with Goku, he should be considered the most forceful warrior in the universe. Following Frieza’s death, Vegeta later joins the heroes, especially Cell, Majin Buu, Beerus, Zamasu, and Broly, in order to thwart greater threats to the world. During the series, Vegeta’s role changes as one of the heroes, and later as a rival of Goku. Vegeta has become the villain.

What are his appearances?


Dragon Ball Z

He is the first major antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series as the proud Prince of a Saiyan race. He and his companion Nappa fly to Earth to use the Dragon Balls to desire death. Vegeta battles and defeats Goku after resorting to Ozaru, but cannot defeat the remaining heroes because of his lasting injuries.

Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super GT

Following the latter two films and animated Dragon Ball Super adaptation, he takes part in a tournament in which he defeats Frost, Magetta, and Cabba. He goes to Planet Potaufeu to find Goten and Trunks, where a clone of himself is being fought.

He has faced a baby-possessed Gohan in the anime sequel Dragon Ball GT. Despite strong resistance by Vegeta, baby owned Vegeta during their battles and the subsequent Baby/Vegeta fusion fights Goku. Until baby’s baby is killed, vegetation is split from the body.

What are his Abilities?


Up to the time his tail had been removed, He had become a huge monkey-like creature called an Ōzaru. He can build attacks with ki and enhance them. When Vegeta lets Ki fly into them, he can boost its power, pace, endurance, invulnerability, and flight rate.

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