What happened to High School DxD Season 5? When will it come out?

High school DxD is a TNK-produced Japanese anime that is broadcast on AT-X satellite TV in Tokyo. On 6 January 2012, the show premiered and since then 4 seasons have been broadcasting, with 12 episodes per season. On 3 July 2018, the last part of the season was broadcast. Fans have been crying out for High School DXD Season 5 from then on.

What will be its storyline?

High school DxD S5

The leader Issei Hyodo, who fantasizes about a girlfriend, is a shy, introverted schoolboy. When Yuuma Amano asks him, his dreams become a reality. She then reveals that she is an angel. Issei also meets Rias Gremory, a girl who is a devil.

In the first season, Riser Phenex, the third son of the Phenex clan and the former fiancé of Rias, is fighting against Issei and Issei, defeating Riser. Then Rias agreed to keep Issei. Azazel gets a new arm in the second season, master Kiba and Gasper their holy gear. All the Ria peers pass into the house of Hyodo.

At his climax of the third season, Issei reveals Azazel, after he overthrew the Juggernaut drive and met the Great Red, also known as the Apocalypse Dragon, about his wish to become the Harem King. Issei confesses his love to Rias in the last ephemeral of the last season and is also promoted to the middle devil tier.

When will it come out?

High school DxD S5

No release date was confirmed, despite the announcement of the fifth season. Filming is still not announced and is likely due to delays in the virus.

In this way, it will probably be released sometime around mid-2021, somewhere from late 2021 or in early 2022, because of the entire production and the filming period, to this development, writing, and editing.

What will be the characters in it?

The cast members are probably the same as in the last seasons. Yuki Kaji will mean Issey Hyodo, Yoko Hikasa like Rias Gremory, Azumi Asakura like Asia Argento, Shizuka Ito as Akeno Himejima, Ayana Taketatsu as Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba like Kenji Nojima, Risa Taneda like Xenovia Quarte, Maaya Uchida as Irina Shido, Rikiya Koyama as Azazel, Junichi Suwabe like Sirzechi Lucifer, and many more.

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