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Watch Some of The Creepiest Cases in The Unsolved Mysteries?

Unsolved Mysteries: With more than 1,300 unresolved mystery segments, Terry Dunn Meurer, series co-creators, has seen a fair share of spooky things. Yet she had no difficulty identifying stories from the show that still give her the cracks – others are really odd and have spontaneous human burning and possessions. In contrast, most of them constitute horrible crimes that everyone could commit.

When Dunn Meurer addresses the Vulture immediately after six new episodes of the series, which was recently rebooted, she makes these selections how she chooses the event cases. She explains we are always searching for a range of categories.

Dial A for Abduction(Season 4, Episode 16)

Unsolved Mysteries

On 4 April 1991, Angela Hammond, a 20-year-old from Clinton, Missouri, disappeared from a payphone while talking to her boyfriend, Rob Shafer. Shafer jumped into his car and ran to the scene and slammed his car in reverse, and blew his transfer as he saw the pickup riding past it.

His car breaks down, and he basically sees her go down the road with their abductor, and he rushes to try to save her if it sounds like she’s in trouble. Never again did she see. She’s all talking on a pay telephone to her boyfriend. She does not engage in any risky conduct or anything. Then it occurs suddenly.

Unknown Arsonist (Season 3, Episode 1)

Unsolved Mysteries

In 1989, father and son discovered a video clip on the roadside of Stockton, California, inside an abandoned camouflage jacket. The fire happened in RedWood city, about 80 miles from Stockton, after Unsolved Mysteries. Why then does Dunn Meurer still freak out? “You’re listening to the very shrill video. On the side of the highway, it was strange that it was discovered.

Friends to the End (Season 1, Episode 5)

Kevin Ives and Don Henry left two young adults for a cargo train one night in Bryant in Arkansas. Their families finally reopened the case, and it was established that the boys had smoked a little marijuana. The cause of death was changed into the assassination, but the case ended in 1995 without any arrests. It was a heartbreaking fact that there was an accident, and then they finally found that the children were killed.

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