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Is Sword Art Online Season 4 happening? When will it Come Out?

Sword Art Online (SAO) is one of the world’s most awesome and astonishing Sci-Fi Anime events. The rating of 7,6/10 for the IMDb, 100 percent for the Rotten Tomatoes, and 7,8/10 for the ranking graph, has been better known as Sōdo/Onrain. For many showrunners, these ratings are still a dream.

Is Season 4 happening?

Sword Art Online Season 4

Currently, Sword Art Online Saison 3 is broadcast. There are 47 episodes from October 2018 onwards. Three parts of Sword Art Online S3 are launched. 24 episodes had been broadcast at the first court, 12 were reported at the second court, and 11 had still to be broadcast at the third court. On April 25, 2020, it will be released. Stage 3 is based entirely on the Alicization arc of the light novel volumes 9 to 18.

The entire season of all the Alicization episodes is covered 3, which means that the Moon Cradle part of the light novel has seasonal consumption and that manufacturers do not lack Season 4 material.

What is the Storyline of SAO?

Sword Art Online Season 4

In SAO, over 10,000 players have been trapped. Kazuto Kirigaya, with his sobriquet “Kirito,” starts the main story when he joins the VR party. As Kirito is a skilled player and game beta tester, he knows the box better than others. In the game, he makes alliances and fights the enemies that the game offers. Later, he joined Asuna Yuuki as a love partner and married him. Both undertake a VR mission to discover and rescue 6147 players in Kayaba’s Secret ID. They continue with the mission and help others to finish their missions and quit the game.

When will Season 4 of Sword Art Online come out?

From now on, the next season has no date. But, since there’s no content shortage, we’re pretty sure Season 4 is going on, and we’ll be hearing a date soon from the A-1 Photographs or Aniplex production studio.

Taking into account the season 3 schedule, which began in October 2018 (first-cour). In October 2019, the second court was broadcasted, and in April 2020, the third court was broadcast.

There’s a high chance that we will witness Season 4 in April 2021 if a 4-season is already completed. This is everything we know of Season 4 for now. When there are any updates, we will continue to update this section.

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