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How to Buy and Sell Turnips in The Animals Crossing: New Horizons?

The majority of players will turn every Sunday to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the arrival of NPC called Daisy Mae. However, these vegetables cannot be grown, as they are indeed the version of a stock market of sorts, namely the market for stalks.

You can buy snorkelers on Sundays at a price and then sell them for a higher price than you have paid for the next Sunday. Every day the nephews of Nook buy turnips at a different price from you. Then it’s a gamble to sell them, and how big are you gaining.

Where can you buy The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnips?

Animal Crossing Turnips

The Animal Crossing: new horizons called Daisy Mae can purchase tours from a brand-new NPC. She is now in charge of Sow Joan’s Stalk Market and is taking over her grandmother, Joan. Yeah, you see what they were doing right there?

Every Sunday morning between 5 am-12 pm, Daisy Mae will arrive on your island (midday).

Bunches of 10 can be bought for turnips. Take note or remember how much you purchased your turnips because they are key to making a profit during the week.

They’ll rot and become meaningless if you’re not selling your turnips next Sunday. Although rotten turbo fish attract flies and ants, which you can tick off your animal crossing: New Horizons bugs list, it’s worth noting.

How do you sell the turnips of The Animal Crossing?

 Animal Crossing Turnips

On Sunday, at Nook’s Cranny, also called Animal Crossing, snowboards’ sales can be held on every day of the weekly bar. Talk to Tommy and ask him about ‘Turnip prices?’ to see what prices will be today.

Yes, that’s right, you read it. Prices. Prices. The Nook twins give two separate turnips each day. One at 12 p.m. and one at 12 p.m. Two different prices for your snowshoes come from the shop each day. The game is a game where you can make the most profit and play what you think is the highest price every week. In all, you’ll have 12 different prizes all week long, so it’s a difficult game to play.

The fluctuations in towbar prices each week follow one of the four patterns as stated in the official Animal Crossing Guidebook:

Normal: Prices are up and down slightly, but no major changes will take place during the week.

Sudden Spike: sudden increases in prices at a random point during the week and immediately thereafter drops

Gradual decline: Prices never rise above the initial buying price but fall steadily during the week.

Gentle Spike: Prices are going to rise at a point of chance in the week, but not as high as the Sudden Spike


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