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Fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to ‘Friends’!

The six closest ‘Friends’ of the television were on a long break of 17 years. On the other hand, their die-hard fans had been eagerly waiting for them to reunite. However, the wait and the break, both ended on Thursday, when all the six cast members turned to a part of the special reunion on the sitcom. Notably, the reunion millions of viewers had been feverishly demanding ever since the group turned off the lights and strolled out of their preposterously spacious Manhattan apartment for the last time.

But the ‘Friends’ have really gone too away. Thus, everything a person needs to understand is the astonishing global impact of the show. The influence of which has been over the past three decades is to check in with its legion of obsessed, line-quoting fanatics.

Todd Stevens, a producer on “Friends” said, “It became a show of the world — it wasn’t just a little TV pilot set in New York. “Todd has been the producer of the series for all through the 10-year run. thus, he reflects on the moment those involved in the show realized they were making a global juggernaut. Also, he mentioned in his statement, “I did seem (to us) like the strike of lighting that was ‘Friends’ could be seen further than just the United States,” he says. “It got out of the neighborhood.” He may be underplaying it. “Friends” was the first and only sitcom to truly, genuinely take over the world. And, thus as a result the world is not yet ready to let it go yet.

Pete Allison, whose podcast ‘Friends with Friends’ said, “I doubt we’ll ever see a sitcom appeal in the way ‘Friends’ did and still does. It’s far more embedded in our lives than most popular culture” Notably, Allison delves deep into each 236 episodes of the show.

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