California Theme Parks Are In search of Authorized Help For Reopening At A Quicker Tempo

The California Attractions & Parks Association did convey information on Wednesday that all the theme parks in the state might go ahead and seek legal assistance or action for speeding up the reopening work. 

The theme parks have not got the clearance for re-open, which is hampering the source of income of many people working there. Many executives of big theme parks were present in the media event when the association made this announcement. 

Some of the big names include senior executives of Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and LEGOLAND attended this event and showed their consent for the same. This situation aroused as California government informed the big theme parks that they could reopen only when the daily COVID cases drop to 1 in every 100,000 in California.

Hence, this is what was unacceptable as there is a great impact on the source of income of many small and big work and fun stalls located within the theme park. There might be a legal action soon where the California Parks Associations will seek permission for faster re-open with an instruction to adapt all COVID guidelines. 

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