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Biden’s cabinet blooming at the Global stage ignoring Trump’s presence!

The president of the USA, Joe Biden, is busy these days with his G7 Summit. Notably, the president received a lot of messages for the US allies during his first trip to Foreign. However, none of these texts were more proclaimed than this: “I’m not Donald Trump.”

The predecessor of the President has notably spent the four years depreciating the other leaders. The forerunner publicly accused their countries of freeloading off the United States, publicly. This has been done on social media platforms like Twitter. He has run out of international agreements and has also denied signing others. Further, he had scoffed at the trans-Atlantic alliances as well. Thus, this has served as a bedrock for the foreign policy of the U.S.A. in the post-WWII era.

In Canada, three years ago, the former President Donald Trump popularly marched out of a meeting of the wealthiest and Powerful nations. He was noticed sitting with his crossed arms, rejoicing as all the other leaders stood all over him. However, it is termed that he was either exasperated or appearing to act so.

Stephen Sestanovich, a former National Security Council and State Department said, “There’s no way of describing our friends’ relief at the change of administration. And not just because it isn’t Donald Trump anymore. It is that the alliance has a backlog of real problems to address. The Biden administration wants to talk about how to develop cooperative responses to them in a way that the Trump administration couldn’t ever be serious about.”

At the latest meeting of G7, all the leaders from Germany, France, and Canada, appeared to simply be eager to move past Trump this week. Notably, many of the leaders even greeted Joe Biden like he was known to them, even he wasn’t. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said, “Being able to meet Joe Biden is obviously important because he stands for the commitment to multilateralism, which we were missing in recent years.”

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